Sure Proof Testing's Open Neutral Service Tester is designed to detect open-neutral problems that originate anywhere from the very last panel all the way back to the transformer. The tester has an exclusive load feature that makes it possible for a single electrician to test for open neutrals under load. It eliminates the guesswork and cuts the electrician's time from several hours (and maybe several trips) to about 15 minutes. The product allows electricians to discover open-neutral problems at the meter without breaking the seal. If you test it under load, then you're sure it's right.

The exclusive “load” feature lets one technician test the system under load and detect the break quickly and efficiently. The product also tests polarity on distribution panels, continuity on power legs and four-wire systems (including ground wires) under load.

HOW IT HAPPENED. John Gustwiller, owner of Sure Proof Testing, Definance, Ohio: “I've been wiring homes and businesses for more than 30 years. As the years passed, I struggled with the task of detecting an open neutral. It was down right embarrassing to have to ask the homeowner to turn on appliances while I ran back and forth like a chicken with my head cut off, testing here and there, attempting to locate the problem. Sometimes I succeeded and sometimes not. It was frustrating for me and my customer. We both valued our time, which was being wasted. I doubt that any electrical/technician appears professional and knowledgeable when he or she is attempting to locate an open neutral break. I just believed there had to be a better way and so I developed the Open Neutral Tester. It's just what I was looking for."

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