The Kansas City ice storm left many homeowners without heat or electricity.

Rather than turning to utility companies, however, Kansas City homeowners are expected to hire electricians to make permanent repairs.

“When people are getting their power turned back on in the area, they are finding that the utility is telling them that it is their responsibility to get their service hooked up,” Tann said. “The utility company might cut it loose and tie it back. That’s when the homeowners call us and say, ‘We’re without power and we need help.’”

Kansas City Power and Light, a Kansas City utility company, is working with some homeowners to make temporary repairs that will allow for the safe reconnection of electrical services.

“Some of the utilities are reattaching the service equipment themselves or contracting with their normal high-voltage contractors and line crews," Tann said.

Kansas City Power and Light has a few electricians who will help their crews make minimum repairs. In cases of severe damage, however, a customer may have to hire an electrician to make permanent repairs before electrical service can be reconnected.

Tann said his electrical team's first priority is to disconnect the power from the homes. “For us to serve our customer the best, we felt like it was most important to get these homes physically disconnected before the power came back on in these neighborhoods," Tann said. "There’s a fire hazard if their service has been pulled down and the power company turns it back on.” The danger of fire is a real concern for homeowners, Tann said. “One of the fire departments here in town said we’ve had more fires in the last five days than we’ve had in the last five years,” he said.