Industrial printers have high resolution

Two industrial-use high-resolution thermal printers — DMX-I-4406 and DMX-I-4604 — are designed for applications that use very small labels with high resolution and intricate graphics, or two-dimensional bar codes including Micro PDF, PDF417, Datamatrix and Aztec. Built on I-Class design, and engineered with a powerful 32-bit multi-tasking processor and 16MB of addressable RAM, the printers can support virtually any thermal print requirements. Datamax
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Tool boxes offer quick and easy access

The Hi-Viz tool boxes provide maximum space and organization in a compact and lightweight yet durable unit. The orange color enables the tool boxes to easily be spotted on job sites. Available in three styles — a three-tier tool box, a sit/stand three-tier tool box and a slide-top tool box — this tool-box line features resin construction that is lightweight but strong to offer impact and weather resistance and withstand the rigors of on-the-job wear and tear. The three-tier tool box measures 16-¼-inches wide × 9-inches deep × 12½ inches high. The box's top tray has storage compartments for small tools and parts; a tote tray holds larger tools. Klein Tools
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Extension cord line has been expanded

The Polar/Solar Plus extension cord line now includes the Quadnector four-way Power Block extension and extra-hard usage extension cord with a 600V jacket. The extension cord is a four-way power block that provides additional outlets for power distribution. It is available in 12-gauge in 6-, 25-, 50- and 100-foot lengths. The extra hard usage extension cord features a T-Prene jacket that provides even greater durability for prolonged use in tough applications. Coleman Cable
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Tool belts and bags are job-site tough

This line of work-site storage products are designed to meet the needs of specialists on any job site. The contractor-specific products include an electrician's pouch, electrician's tool belt, electrical test kit pouch and telecommunications pouch. The electrician's tool belt comes as a complete four-piece set that includes the belt, electrician's tool pouch, hammer holder and nail pouch. The other new components are available separately and can be attached individually to the belt. The belt was designed to keep a contractor's tools close at hand. DeWalt
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M-H luminaire provides more lumens per watt

The Charger, a luminaire for retail, commercial and industrial applications, suits a range of optical configurations for high-bay and low-bay lighting including a clear acrylic prismatic reflector. The luminaire is available with 250W and 400W HPS and metal-halide and pulse metal-halide lamps. The energy-saving pulse start system for metal-halide lamps provides for higher lumens per watt, longer lamp life and faster hot re-start time as compared to standard metal-halide systems. GE Lighting
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Battery-powered crimper no longer suffers memory problems

The Batool battery powered crimping system has undergone a number of improvements, including the elimination of battery memory problems. The tool also features completed redesigned circuits, a modified wire harness and a battery clip design. Also added were a ram wiper seal and an internal filter screen to prevent dirt contamination. FCI USA Inc.
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Fiberglass safety enclosures deflect arcs and sparks

The TFG series of fiberglass increased safety enclosures provide explosion protection though design measures that prevent the possibility of excessive heat and the occurrence of an arc or spark from the terminal blocks installed. The protection is accomplished through limiting the number of terminal blocks and current and maintaining secure electrical connections. The enclosures are compression molded from a fiberglass-reinforced polyester resin making them best for indoor and outdoor areas as well as for applications in which weight is a prime factor. The enclosures come in 18 sizes, with the largest enclosure measuring 20 feet high × 16 feet wide × 10 feet deep. Adalet
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