Multimeter is designed for demanding users

The 170 Series digital multimeters are designed specifically for front-line industrial, electrical and electronic technicians and engineers. The series, which includes Models 175, 177 and 179, was developed for uses that range from “clean” bench areas to harsh job-site conditions. The meters are also in the price range of do-it-yourselfers.Fluke Corp.
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Connection technology speeds cable management

The Flexmate Connection System is said to simplify and drastically cut installation time for the manufacturer's Flextray cable management system. The system consists of crimp connectors and a connecting tool. The crimp connector is simply placed over the sections to be joined, then clamped into place using the Flexmate connecting tool. Strong and secure connections can be done in seconds, without nuts, bolts or parts to shake loose. GS Metals
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Steel fish tape is now more comfortable and durable

The Cable Snake steel fish tape now comes with 20% more tape. The ergonomically designed handle makes for a more comfortable grip to decrease hand fatigue and is said to offer the largest handle surface in the industry. The handle, made of high-strength impact-resistant modified polypropylene resin, will not detach from the housing in tough job-site conditions.Gardner Bender
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Cable tray bends up and down, left and right

The Wall Snake cable tray is completely hand bendable, allowing the tray to make turns going up, down, left or right around obstacles in 10 seconds. It is designed to attach directly to the wall using integrated mounting rings called Snake Eyes that run along the spine of the tray. This procedure eliminates the labor to pre-mount costly brackets. It tacks up like weather strip.Cable Management Solutions/Cable Tray
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Power-quality meters now offer e-mailing messaging

The ION series energy and power-quality meters can now automatically send high-priority alarm notifications or scheduled system-status updates as e-mail to anyone, anywhere within the facility or around the world. The messages can be received like any e-mail message over a workstation, cell phone, pager or PDA. The Meterm@il feature can be configured to send alarm to key personnel during critical power conditions.Power Measurement
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Product bends conduit accurately anywhere

The Bendermate System gives contractors high-precision levels for bending smaller pieces of conduit, a hand bender adapter and a movable stand. The adapter unit consists of lightweight, rigid steel and is designed to support the manufacturer's ½-inch, ¾-inch and 1-inch Site-Rite hand benders. This unit, with its mobile stand, allows the bender to move easily around any job site. The mobile stand has telescoping feet to enhance stability. Each Bendermate Level has specific bending levels for production. The offset level allows for perfect offset and saddle bends to eliminate doglegs and measures an accurate 90-deg bend. The system delivers quick multiple bends.Greenlee Textron
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