Paralleling switchgear is Web-configured

The Entellisys Express is an open-architecture paralleling switchgear system that controls the output of multiple engine-generators. The system couples typical engine-generator control functions with metering, power monitoring, power protection and alarm/event logging. GE Zenith Controls
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Crimping tool allows for easy die changing

The Crimpmaster Crimp Tool offers a ratchet-type design that enables electricians, contractors and datacom installers to quickly and easily change dies to reliably terminate dozens of types of wires and cables with a single tool. The tool features 21 different interchangeable modular plug die sets, including dies for coax, fiber optic and AWG connectors. Dies can be changed on the fly using only a screwdriver. The tool's all-metal construction promises long life. Ergonomically designed for comfort, it has cushion-grip handles and an emergency ratchet release. Ideal Industries
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Lighting streamer provides long-lasting temporary lighting

This heavy-duty lighting streamer provides safe, long-lasting overhead temporary lighting for harsh indoor/outdoor environments. Sockets, spaced at 10-foot intervals with a 5-foot lead and tail, are integrally molded in solid Hypalon rubber to a heavy-duty SOW-A cable. Rubber “O” rings form a watertight seal around the neck of each bulb. Duraline
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Motor circuit controller simplifies installations

The high-current-limiting and breaking capacities of the KT7 motor circuit controller have earned both UL and CSA's listing as a self-protected (Construction Type E) manual combination motor controller. This listing enables the KT7 to serve as short-circuit protection, overload protection and the motor disconnect on motor branch circuits, eliminating the need for more equipment. The Construction Type E rating also eliminates the NEC 430-53 rules involved in typical multi-motor applications. Panel design is simplified, and safely reduced in size. Sprecher + Schuh
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Industrial lubricants reduce overall maintenance costs

The Fluid Consolidation Program is designed to reduce overall maintenance costs and extend equipment life better than what is possible using a mix and match of products. The program, which simplifies the purchasing process, consists of a line of fluids, oils and related services that are said to meet every lubricant need. Dow Corning
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Energy-efficient transformers achieve the Energy Star rating

The Opti-Miser series of dry-type isolation transformers now has the requirements necessary to achieve the Energy Star rating. The products are shielded for cleaner power and meet NEMA and Energy Star requirements. They're available as a UL Type 3R enclosure with a weather shield or Type 2 enclosure without a shield. Acme Electric
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Devices trace unenergized wires

Two Wire Tracker devices (GET-4110K and GET-4220) trace unenergized, installed wires or cables, and can distinguish between multiple wire terminations. Application-specific plugs are built into the transmitter to easily connect to coaxial cables, telephone wiring, Cat. 5 data cables, unenergized electrical wiring or automotive wiring. Additional features include an adjustable sensitivity control allowing for precise detection of multiple wires; detection of unshielded wires behind walls, floors and ceilings up to 12 inches; and a warbling tone to differentiate transmitter signal from other signals. A transmitter stores into the receiver for easy carrying. Gardner Bender
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