Circuit tracer provides flexibility in testing

The DT-2000 datacom/coax circuit tracer is said to be the first professional datacom/coax tracer that provides the flexibility to test multiple cables and locations in easy, straightforward steps. 3M
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Manfacturer now features a fuller line of datacom products

The manufacturer's Fibertray line of fiber-optic cable management products includes trays, raceways and fasteners for telecom, datacom and industrial applications. Dek Division/Tyco
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Twisted-pair wire tester makes Cat. 5 testing trouble-free

The Linkmaster UTP/STP twisted-pair wire tester is is best for Cat. 5-cabling applications. The tester fits int a pocket or tool kit and allows one person to perform all necessary testing procedures. Ideal Industries
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Fiber-optic tool kit carries the most essential tools

This basic fiber-optic kit offers a complete package of essential tools for fiber-optic installations. Housed in a soft-sided mechanic's bag with capacity for additional storage, the kit includes a 100× fiber-optic scope for viewing fiber before and after cleaving; a pen-sized fiber-continuity tester; the Mini-Lite optical fiber-stripper to remove buffer and coating material; a Kevlar Cutter featuring a high-carbon, steel frame and serrated blades; a carbide fiber optic scribe that assures consistent cleaves; and a fixture for polishing optical-fiber ST and SC type connectors. Ideal Industries
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Fiber connectors now come in bulk quantities

The FC, SC and ST style fiber-optic connectors now come in bulk packs of 1,000 connectors to speed termination time and lower costs on large jobs. The bulk packs are available for both epoxy and quick-connect Hot Melt connectors with preloaded adhesive for easy field mountability and high performance. Designed for high flexibility, the connectors come in bulk packs for single-mode and multimode epoxy versions. 3M
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