Receptacle family saves space and assembly time

The Brad Harrison Micro-Change and Nano-Change PCB- mount receptacles are said to be the smallest printed circuit board available. The receptacles are designed to free up space on PCBs, which helps manufacturers of industrial grade instrumentation, sensors and other control devices minimize device size. They feature a rugged compact design.
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Power poles can be tailored for specific applications

The Tele-Power Pole with Activate Connectivity System inserts provides users with more flexibility to tailor the pole for specific communication applications. It comes with activation inserts that snap easily onto the pole. Also, the FiberReady entrance fitting, sold separately, controls the cables entering the pole with a 2 in. bend radius. The poles can be relocated easily.Wiremold
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Cable strippers are specialized for datacom applications

The Coax Strip-master Wire Stripper's spring-action operation grips and strips cable in one motion, resulting in improved user productivity and reduced fatigue. The Stripmaster features knife-type, form-ground blades that penetrate the outer jacket accurately and nick-free. Unlike many general purpose strippers that damage coaxial cable, these blades are custom made for the application.Ideal Industries Inc.
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Collocation blocks come in field-terminated kits

This line of wire termination blocks in kit form are suitable for custom solutions in the xDSL and broadband provider collocation areas. The kits feature the HighBand 10 wire termination block, which provides Cat. 5e compliance, a 45-deg. silver-plated contact and a center port for testing and patching. The center port provides an efficient testing port to quickly pinpoint problems to either the service provider side or the customer side. The blocks also save time and labor when connecting, discontinuing or reassigning service.Krone
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Grounding device prevents electrostatic discharge

The LAN static discharge unit grounding device eliminates potentially damaging electrostatic discharges from newly installed telecommunications backbone and horizontal cabling. Ungrounded indoor telecommunications cabling can act as a capacitor capable of storing an electrical charge that can cause malfunction or damage to electronic equipment and semiconductor devices. This unit includes a grounding wire lug, which is bonded to a grounded rack or cabinet that is connected to building's grounding and bonding busbar network. It drains electrostatic charges to the ground.Anixter Inc.
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Wire Mesh Cable Tray System

Chalfant VersaTray is ideal for routing fiber-optic, telephone, computer, communications, and Category 5 cables. Installs easily with a few simple tools and has flexibility to adapt to any routing layout. Available in 10' sections with 3" loading depths in 7 widths from 2" to 24" and a full line of support brackets and accessories. Send for free 12 page catalog. For more information, call (216) 521-7922 or Fax (216) 521-9922.


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