SAN JOSE, Calif. — Cupertino Electric, an electrical contracting firm that designs, builds and commissions electrical infrastructure, has announced its Energy Solutions Strategy.

Cupertino's strategy provides businesses and communities with reliable near-term to long-term power generation options that protect against voltage sags, rolling blackouts and other power-quality problems.

In August 2000, Cupertino Electric created the CEI Energy Group to serve mission-critical customers such as high-tech manufacturers, hospitals, financial institutions and data centers. Cupertino offers a scalable structured approach designed to enable customers to transition seamlessly through their near-term to their long-term energy solutions.

Near-Term. For immediate energy needs, Cupertino offers a range of solutions including delivery and installation of portable, temporary generation equipment, permanent distributed generator implementations, UPS/generator hybrid systems as well as associated control systems. Prior to project start-up, Cupertino performs a site analysis to determine the best approach for the client and install the proper equipment.

Long-Term. CEI Energy Group develops, constructs and operates onsite power generation facilities up to 50MW that offer high reliability and long-term price stability for power consumers.