Give the specific 2002 NEC references related to any violations you find. Write Joe a Violation Notice rather than sending in a copy of the Code rule. Send your response, in 25 words or more, to Joe Tedesco at 350 North St., Boston, MA 02113 or codeviolations@netscape.net.

Please include your company name, job title, address, phone number, Social Security number and e-mail address. Previous winners are not eligible.

Winners will be awarded $75 in the case of one winner, $50 each for two winners and $25 each for three winners.

HINT: Rainwater will not find its way through the service entrance conductors if there was a formed on each conductor, and there is another foreign drop attached to the mast.


Bud Russell, owner of the TheMeterGuy.com in Wilsonville, Ore., found that no Code rule is applicable for the November What's Wrong Here contest.

“The error was made by the manufacturer. Actually the line/load stickers are in the same place they are in any meter can, but the buss bars going to the left side of the meter socket have been installed backwards, so that the line side goes in the bottom of the meter, and the load is coming out of the top of the meter socket. This socket was built wrong.”

Editor's Comment: Section 90.7 would apply here and apparently was not enforced by the AHJ.