This 24V family of halogen lamps offers lower installed costs, improved system performance and increased reliability. The system accepts high wattage loads, allowing for significantly longer length systems with a greater number of lampholders. In addition, the lamps reduce the effects of voltage drop caused by line losses. GE Lighting

Controllers provide multi-point scene control The Monet/Mural Scene Controller provides advanced multi-point scene control for commercial and high-end residential lighting. Using either the manufacturer's Monet or Mural Scene Dimmers, individual scenes are easily programmed by selecting a scene controller button and adjusting the individual dimmer levels required for that scene. The device also provides an off button and arrow-shaped buttons for group dimming and brightness control. Leviton Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Surge protector offers convenience features The SF400XT building entry/main service panel surge protectors are designed for demanding locations. When uncompromising, redundant protection and extensive diagnostics are mandatory, this rugged 400kA Ipeak unit will prevent transient voltage damage and keep sensitive equipment up and running without damage or disturbance. The unit uses six heavy-duty protection modules employing individually fused, monitored and thermally protected 40mm MOVs. MCG Surge Protection

Luminaire can meet versatile needs The Surface Square Series delivers rapid-starting fluorescent light and lasting luminaire performance for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial lighting needs. Each unit includes a 2D fluorescent lamp; 27K is standard and 35K is optional. The SS Series is offered in two sizes including 8 inches by 3 inches and 10 inches by 3.9 inches. Constructed with a die-cast aluminum housing and a vandal-resistant, polycarbonate lens, the luminaire weighs less than five pounds and is UL listed for wet locations. Ruud Lighting

Lighting system offers clear colors with little heat This metal-halide lighting system runs on a lightweight, compact DC electronic ballast that provides cool, quiet operation. The dual compound parabolic collector setup results in a higher light collection efficiency as well as a more even light distribution at the target. The fiber-optic system delivers greater efficacy than halogen reflector lamps and more than twice the efficacy of conventional metal-halide fiber-optic systems. Venture Lighting