Focus on Power Conditioning Equipment

Building entry surge protection
Transient overvoltages cause sensitive equipment to experience damage and downtime. The new UL-listed 160MXT offers superb, economical protection at the main service panel. Ipeak = 160kA/phase. Protects all modes (L-N, L-G, L-L, and N-G). Each 40mm MOV is monitored and protected from over-current and thermal overload. Ten year, no-nonsense warranty and free module replacement for life.
MCG Surge Protection

Power conditioning UPS
The Security One uninterruptible power manager (UPM) offers full power conditioning in addition to basic UPS and surge protection functions. The UPM protects sensitive equipment against surges, sags, noise, brownouts, and common mode voltage. It comes in a compact 7.75 in.×5 in.×12.2 in. package, and is designed for kiosk applications.
Circle 300

Surge protectors

The SurgeGuard family of AC power line surge protectors includes models with surge ratings from 60kA to 400kA. The surge protectors provide protection against both conducted and inducted transient overvoltages that may be caused by direct lightning strikes, utility switching, or other random electrical disturbances. These modular devices are designed with heavy-duty busbar construction and real-time diagnostics.
Circle 301

Flywheel power system

The Voltage Support Solution flywheel power system provides a stable DC voltage source to condition or completely replace batteries in UPS systems. The model VSS-120 delivers 2,400kW-sec of energy, which is sufficient to support loads ranging from 120kW for 20 sec to 10kVA for 5 min. It requires 120W for standby operation and is designed for a 15-year life before any major service is needed.
Circle 302

UPS systems

SMP sinewave, line-interactive UPS products feature a liquid crystal display (LCD) and are available in 500VA, 700VA, and 1kVA models. The LCD shows more than 12 operating parameters and gives specific AC input and output voltages. The series features a two-stage buck and boost automatic voltage regulation (AVR) system that allows for high-grade voltage regulation.
Falcon Electric
Circle 303

Surge suppressors

TSS Talon surge suppressors for AC power circuits are designed for installation at the main service entrance, distribution panels, and subpanels to protect facilities from transient voltage damage. These units provide the primary protection at the service entrance where lightning currents must be shunted to ground and at subpanels where internally generated surges must be clamped. The surge suppressors are MOV-based and are rated 40kA of 8×20µs surge current for each mode of protection.
Danaher Power Solutions
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