Milliamp clamp meter

The model 316 AC/DC milliamp clamp meter measures as high as 100A and 600VAC, with resistance up to 10 kohms. The meter offers automatic range selection, over-range and low-battery indicators, and a maximum jaw opening of 0.49 in. It's made with a front-mounted, 4-digit LCD that features data hold to freeze display readings. Two AAA batteries power the meter for about 45 hours, and it automatically powers off if left idle for more than 30 min.
B+K Precision
Circle 301

Circuit-breaker finder

The CF12 Pro circuit-breaker finder connects to finished or unfinished circuits like electrical leads, bare wire, and standard wall sockets. The finder's working range reaches 277V. It's powered by a 9V battery and comes with a carrying case and belt clip.
Circle 300

Ground resistance meter

Designed for testing large ground systems, the model 61-789 four-pole ground resistance meter covers soil resistivity measurements as high as 20 kohms within 2% accuracy. The meter is capable of three- and four-pole testing and performs 600 typical 15-sec tests. Spade or hook connectors, 4-mm plugs, or bare-ended wire can be used for the test leads. Test readings are displayed on a 3.5-digit LCD that indicates when there is a high-test spike resistance as well as when noise interference is too high to take a valid reading.
Ideal Industries
Circle 302

Handheld multiscope

The model 381285 multiscope combines a handheld graphical storage oscilloscope with a true rms multimeter to store as many as 15 waveforms. The graphical mode displays actual voltage waveforms, while the multimeter mode is a 4,000-count dual display with analog bargraph. The multiscope uses a DC to 5 MHz oscilloscope with a sample rate of 25 million samples/sec. A comparator function allows the user to perform high/low/pass tests in voltage, resistance, or auxiliary functions, using external DMM adaptors.
Extech Instruments
Circle 303

Power monitoring instruments

This line of handheld power monitoring instruments consists of three 8-channel models. The 3-phase PowerGuide 4400 features automated setups to detect circuit types and configurations. Users can select the length and mode of data collection like troubleshooting, data logging, fault recording, power quality surveys, inrush, equipment performance testing, energy studies, and load balancing.
Circle 304