Arc flash calculation software

The Arc Flash Calculator program is based on the IEEE 1584 Guide for Performing Arc-Flash Calculations. The software outputs the incident energy level and flash protection boundary needed for the flash hazard analysis under conditions that the user can input. It's designed to help assist in determining the proper flash protection boundary and level of personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary to help safeguard a worker from severe burns due to an arc flash incident.
Cooper Bussmann
Circle 300

Fire alarm panel

The Farenhyt IFP-100 combines analog/addressable devices together with a cost-effective control panel. The analog/addressable control panel features 127 addressable points, single-button reset and silence functions, a built-in digital communicator, an enhanced user interface, a 6A 24VDC power supply and programming capability from the onboard user interface or the SKSS PC-based programming software. It also performs drift compensation and an NFPA 72-compliant sensitivity check automatically.
Silent Knight
Circle 301

Exit sign

The Sure-Lites UX Ultimate Exit is designed to perform in severe conditions, such as rain, moisture, cold, corrosives, and dust. The exit includes patented standard features of self-diagnostics, laser fast-test, NEMA 4X (UL50), UL wet and damp locations, IP65/IP66 ingress protection, a UL outdoor rating, vandal proof, silicone gasketing, Energy Star, NSF listing, and operational temperature of -49°F to 113°F.
Cooper Lighting
Circle 302

Fire detection system

The FireFinder intelligent fire detector system has audio capabilities that can also provide customers with music and paging capabilities. The 8-channel digital voice amplifiers operate from 200 Hz to 12 kHz, which permits the frequency response necessary to listen and enjoy background music. The life safety system also offers fire- and building-related information to fire fighters, all accessible through a large interface screen.
Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.
Circle 303

Public address systems

The 7000 series provides intercom and public address systems for communicating emergency, evacuation, or status messages in commercial, industrial, or institutional applications. The intercom system allows complete paging and communications between phones and intercom stations. The public address systems feature input and output devices, mixer pre-amplifiers, and power amplifiers.
Edwards Signaling
Circle 304