Product News

March 1, 2008 12:00 PM

Timekeeping software

Payclock Version 5 features Windows-based software that runs on Windows XP or Vista PC. An upgrade to PayClock Express, PayClock EZ, and PayClock Pro, the software can be used with the company's automated timekeeping systems. New software features include Microsoft Vista support, QuickBooks 2008 integration, custom fields, a new timecard interface, and an in/out board that allows supervisors and managers to view the in/out status of employees on their desktop computer.
Lathem Time
Circle 250

Electrical connectors

The enhanced Liquidtight ST Series of cable and conduit connectors is designed for harsh industrial applications. Available pre-assembled with an integrated KO sealing ring, the company says the connectors can be installed 25% faster than comparable products. Other features include a slim profile with a small turning radius, crimpable ferrule, and deep ferrule threads. UL-listed for use in Class I, Div. 2 hazardous and wet locations, they are offered in trade sizes ranging from 3.8 in. to 5 in. in most straight, 45¡Æ, and 90¡Æ configurations. In addition, they are available with or without insulated throats, external ground lug, and wire mesh strain relief. Female hubs are also offered.
Circle 251

Laser range meter

The PD 4 laser range meter features a sensor-automated backlight and 1-button operation for measuring and tracking functionality. According to the company, the device measures distances with laser precision of ¡¾1/12 in. from 7.8 in. up to 230 ft. Other features include a durable rubber protection surrounding the edges of the meter, which the company says creates a dust-tight, water-resistant casing.
Circle 252

While-in-use covers

Flush Mount Weatherproof While-In-Use (WIU) covers use a standard wall plate and are suitable for receptacles, GFCIs, switches, and turnlocks. The covers are assembled and shipped as 1-piece units, including box and cover, to facilitate installations. Additional product features include a corner hinge for vertical or horizontal mounting without field modifications, and a rectangular wall cut-out with built-in template. Mountable on most types of exterior walls, the mounting flange is tapered and textured. In addition, the covers are available in white and translucent smoke gray, and meet 2008 NEC requirements for outdoor wet locations.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 253

Work boots

Contour Welt work boots are designed to deliver flexibility in the forefoot and support in the instep areas. Constructed of full-grain leather, the company says the boot's contour-stitched arch allows it to bend and flex at essential points to prevent shifting during motion. Slip-, oil-, chemical-, heat-, and abrasion-resistant, they are available in 6-in., 8-in., and Wellington styles with or without a steel toe.
Circle 254

Corded drills

This line of heavy-duty ¨ü-in. corded drills is available in two styles. The DWD115K model features a mid-handle grip while the DWD112 offers a traditional pistol grip. Both drills include a powerful motor with 0 rpm to 2,500 rpm. In addition, the DWD115K offers 8A of power and features an all-metal keyless ratcheting chuck.
Circle 255

Protector plate

The Drywall Protector Plate temporarily locks to protect the work hole and surrounding areas from paint and drywall damage when pulling wire, flex conduit, fiberglass rods, and flexible drill shafts. Designed for ¨ö-in. and ¨ý-in. drywall, the company says the plate and tabs will not shatter or break on impact, even at -15¡ÆF. In addition, each plate comes with a 6 mill resealable bag for storing the plate and locking tabs.
Circle 256

Utility locator

According to the company, the SeekTech SR-60 utility locator is the only product of its kind with the capability to receive the full range of locatable frequencies, allowing it to be used with any pre-set frequency transmitter. In addition, users can locate at the broad frequency range of 10 Hz to 490 kHz and tune the frequency 1 Hz at a time. Other product features include an easy-to-read display that visually maps the signal so end-users can constantly view changes in the line direction, depth, and signal strength in real time.
Circle 257

Cable strippers

Three Bent-Nose NM Romex strippers have been added to the company's existing line of strippers and cutters. Featuring a 90¡Æ angled nose design, the strippers strip, cut, and loop 10 AWG, 12 AWG, or 14 AWG solid wire and cleanly shear 6-32 and 8-32 screws. In addition, the K90-12 and K90-14/2 models strip 18 AWG stranded wire. The products also feature U.S.-made tool steel, a black oxide finish, precision ground stripping holes, shear-type cutting blades, and the company's Comfort Grip curved handles.
Klein Tools
Circle 258

Outlet box

The recessed, 2-gang In Box allows LCD and plasma TVs to be placed flush against the wall. Non-metallic and paintable, users can install two duplex receptacles or two low-voltage devices. Or, with the supplied separator, one low-voltage device and one duplex receptacle can be installed.
Arlington Industries
Circle 259


Fibre-Metal Supereight E1 full brim hardhats offer protection against rain, falling debris, and the sun's UV rays. Additional product features include a smooth crown design that deflects falling objects and an 8-point suspension system. All hats ship fully assembled.
North Safety Products
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