Biomedical-grade UPS
The FH Series UPS is designed for the power demands of biomedical and laboratory equipment. The unit's double-conversion, online design provides “no break” battery backup. In addition, the UPS incorporates internal hot-swappable, user-replaceable battery packs. Optional extended battery banks and fast chargers are also available. For laboratories or hospitals located in older buildings, the product includes input galvanic isolation and input power factor correction circuitry to resolve electrical system problems and reduce harmonics.
Falcon Electric
Circle 150

Panel TVSS units meet 2007 UL 1449 2nd Edition standards and include light-, medium-, and heavy-duty models in single- and 3-phase versions. In addition, each light-duty model features a green LED that turns off when protection is lost. On medium- and heavy-duty units, the green LED indicates normal operation while red shows a loss of protection. Some models also include an audio alarm. Upgraded designs offer enhanced reliability at 150A and 50A intermediate currents.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 151

This line of transient voltage surge suppressors (TVSSs) features a patented thermally protected metal oxide varistor (TPMOV) that includes a safety feature to shut down the TVSS to prevent overheating and ensure compliancy with UL 1449 2nd Edition requirements. According to the company, the device can be used without a dedicated breaker and still complies with UL1449 2nd Edition requirements. The product is available in three configurations: wall-mount construction; box extension for attaching directly to the top or bottom of branch panels; or as an integrated construction within the company's panelboards and switchboards. Additional product features include optional UL 1283 noise filtering, attenuation at -50dB minimum at 100kHz, and remote monitoring using NO/NC Form C dry-type contacts.
GE Consumer & Industrial
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UPS family
The Pulsar UPS family includes 700VA, 1,000VA, and 1,500VA units with multiple form factors. Tower and rack options are available in various sizes to accommodate a variety of networking and telecommunication enclosures. In addition, all models accommodate a multi-position PDU that allows the addition of receptacles to the back, side, or top of the UPS. According to the company, the unit can protect connected equipment for up to 5 hr with optional external battery modules.
Circle 153

3-phase UPS
The UPS RP36000/3 is a rack-mountable, 3-phase UPS that provides 36kW or 24kW of power with N+1 redundancy. According to the company, the UPS offers 97% efficiency even at a 40% output load. Housed in a single HP 10000 Series G2 42U rack, the product can be expanded to 60kW with N+1 by installing up to three additional modules. Additional product features include digital signal processing, wireless paralleling, and online on-demand hybrid technology.
Hewlett Packard
Circle 154

UPS line
The Minuteman Entrust Line Interactive Series UPS is available in four sizes: the ETR500 rated at 500VA/300W, 8A; the ETR700 rated at 700VA/420W, 10A; the ETR1000 rated at 1,000VA/600W, 12A; and the ETR1500 rated at 1,500VA/900W, 12A. Each unit features four outlets that provide backup battery support as well as spike and surge protection. An additional four spike and surge protected outlets for accessory devices do not require battery support, according to the company. In addition, two of the outlets are specifically spaced to support equipment with transformer blocks. All models can also be installed vertically on a shelf, in a rack, or in a cabinet.
Para Systems/Minuteman UPS
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UPS family
The Smart-UPS VT family of 3-phase power protectors now features a parallel capability, allowing users to connect up to four units in a parallel configuration in any combination of capacity and redundancy. Available in 10kVA to 40kVA, the UPS also features cool running 3-stage inverter technology that the company says delivers high efficiency even when operating at less than 30% load. Other features include dual-mains input, automatic and maintenance bypasses, intelligent battery management, and input power factor correction.
Circle 156

Double-conversion UPS
An 8kVA and a 16kVA version have been added to the company's line of SmartOnline hot-swappable modular UPS systems. Both models include a detachable PDU and maintenance bypass switch. The systems also feature scalable runtime via optional external battery packs as well as the ability to configure multiple systems to deliver N+1 availability. In addition, the 8kVA UPS features an all-in-one compact 4U form factor, while the 16kVA model features a separate 4U power module and 4U external battery module. Both units also feature hardwire, split-phase, 4-wire input that provides dual high- and low-voltage output of 208/120VAC or 240/120VAC.
Tripp Lite
Circle 157

3-phase UPS
The FirstLine 3-phase UPS product line now features SNMP communications capabilities. Available for 10kVA, 15kVA, and 20kVA applications, these models allow users to network the UPS with their manufacturing and management systems. With SNMP capabilities, the UPS offers Web browser-based visual readings, alarm notification, a 48-hr system history, as well as client shutdown software for most common operating systems.
Staco Energy Products
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