Power equipment labels

These labels for outdoor power equipment applications meet the requirements of the UL 969 Marking and Labeling System, and CSA Adhesive Labels, and they contain ANSI warning label requirements. The labels can be used on finishes like nitrocellulose lacquer, epoxy powder coat, and urethane powder coat. They’re available in white or silver polyester with acrylic and clear polyester coating over laminate to protect the graphics. They’re also thermally imprinted with model numbers, serial numbers, lot codes, and other product-specific information.

Tailored Label Products, Inc.

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UPS system

CleanSource uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems ensure continuous power in a variety of applications from process control to broadcasting to data processing. Available in models with powers ranging from 65kVA to 3600kVA, the UPS systems protect sensitive loads against short power disturbances and extended outages. Power conditioning capabilities include voltage regulation, transient protection, and harmonics cancellation. It measures 34 in. x 58.6 in. x 78 in. and comes standard with internal static bypass, serial communications, LCD monitoring and control panel, programmable I/O contacts, and restart.

Active Power

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Insulation resistance tester

The 1550B MegOhmMeter 5kV provides insulation resistance testing to as high as one teraohm with 250V, 500V, 1000V, 2500V, and 5000V output voltages. The tester performs automatic calculation of dielectric absorption and polarization index with no setup, and has 99 memory locations to which users can assign a defined, four-character, alpha-numeric label for recall. It carries a ramp function from 0VDC to 500VDC for breakdown testing, and users can download results to a Windows-based computer using the included 1550B software and optical interface cable. A rechargeable 12V battery powers the tester, which gives it enough energy for as many as 2,500 tests. Additional accessories include test leads, 5000V-rated probes, alligator clips, and an interface adapter and cable.


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Spiral saws

The RZ1, RZ5, RZ10, and RZ20 are the latest additions to the RotoZip line of spiral saws. Each model has a universal 3-jaw chuck that fits any size bit, a wrenchless bit change system, a sealed switch to keep dust out of the tool, a soft-grip handle, and an adjustable foot. The RZ1 and RZ5 are the basic models, differing only in handle design. The RZ10 and RZ20 are the more advanced models that are powered by a 5.5A motor and feature variable speed control and a metal bezel. The RZ20 goes one step further to include an integrated LED light.


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