Light level sensor

The Lumen Maintenance Photocell (LMPC) is a sensor that’s attached to a wall that reads the amount of light in an area, and relays the information to a control unit that can make adjustments according to the user’s specifications. It can control as many as four dimmed or switched circuits per room with adjustable settings. The LMPC has an onboard digital readout that indicates foot-candle levels, voltage-out from 0V to 10V, and a baseline setting, which eliminates the need for a separate foot-candle meter. Users wall-mount the LMPC photocell in the desired room, and it’s setting and trip points can be adjusted locally or remotely.

Lighting & Control Design

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Test meter

The Split-Jaw Smart-Meter is a voltage, continuity, resistance, and current tester combined with the capabilities of a clamp meter. The meter has automatic testing capabilities, which eliminates the need for a function dial. It provides volt, amp, and ohm measurements and performs AC testing as high as 200A without breaking the circuit, resistance testing to 2,000 ohms, AC voltage testing as high as 750VAC, and DC voltage testing as high as 1,000VDC. The meter has a rigid open jaw for hard-to-reach cable bundles, a low-battery indicator, and a push-button data hold function.

Ideal Industries

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Web-ready UPS

With built-in web server capabilities, The EPS8000 uninterruptible power supply system (UPS) is available in models from 555kVA to 800kVA. The system incorporates line, load, and battery with fault-tolerant circuitry so fan failure won’t compromise UPS operation. The UPS fits into locations as small as 121 in. wide and offers a power density of 23kW per square foot. Users can access all of the system’s components from the front of the cabinet with no rear access required. The standard communication interface features a front panel text display, 11 dry contacts for alarm functions, 9 contacts for control functions, a DB9 port for field service interface, a ModBus port, and a slot for additional communications cards.

MGE UPS Systems

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Illuminated clothing rod

The Retail Rod is a self-illuminated rod system for retail store clothing displays and residential closets. The rod uses T2 or T5 fluorescent lamps that emit glare-free, cool-to-the-touch accent lighting directly on clothing with no spillover. They're constructed of extruded aluminum, and they have an outside diameter of 1.375 in. The rods, available in a painted or anodized finish, come in 5-ft lengths that can be specified for wall- or surface-suspended mounting applications.

Ardee Lighting

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