ITR Parking Solutions is implementing Innovolt’s control system into its parking equipment to protect it from destructive power and environmental disturbances. Service interruptions due to poor power can equate to a significant impact on a company’s bottom line, especially in the parking industry. Using microprocessor-based power protection algorithms, Innovolt provides defense against power fluctuations, including voltage sags and brownouts.

Innovolt’s Intelligent Electronics Management platform combines sensor technology with comprehensive analytics software to safeguard and optimize the performance, productivity and usable life of essential electronic equipment.  Through the remediation of power disturbances and a cloud-based management dashboard, customers can achieve improved equipment uptime, lower repair costs and increased revenue.  Currently protecting an installed base of more than 250,000 electronic assets, Innovolt technology has to-date remediated against more than 170 million power disturbances to ensure the sustainable performance of electronic assets, according to the company.