In the January/February issue of Power Quality, I asked you — our readers — about running a regular department that would focus on pertinent or controversial issues. The purpose of this department would be to promote industry dialogue and provide a better-balanced coverage for the magazine. Based on your feedback, we will begin featuring a department called “Readers Forum” in June. The department will include two areas: “Feedback” and “Web Focus.”

“Feedback” will resume the traditional “Letters to the Editor” format the magazine has used in the past. If you have a rebuttal or constructive commentary on one of our articles, we welcome your correspondence. Multiple letters and responses may appear, depending on the subject matter. All e-mail letters should be sent to or mailed to my attention at Power Quality magazine, 9800 Metcalf Ave., Overland Park, KS, 66212.

“Web Focus” will be a new section, which will provide the opportunity for inquires or comments on any topic. These topics will originate from the “PQ Discussion Forum” at Each month, we'll publish readers' responses to important issues that have received significant discussion (or inadequate attention) on the Web site. These issues may deal with applications, troubleshooting, standards, measurements, training, and research, to name a few. We'll also highlight product issues and provide the fairest possible assessments. If necessary, we'll call upon industry experts, including Power Quality advisory board members, to offer their advice.

As I mentioned above, the purpose for introducing the “Readers Forum” is to provide balance to our content and spotlight topics that benefit all readers. The power quality market is broad, and it is a challenge to provide comprehensive coverage.

What's more, because of the cycle of our editorial calendar, it sometimes takes several months to offer another feature that approaches the subject matter from a different perspective. This makes it difficult to provide the kind of timely, well-rounded coverage that is needed.

In addition, as correctly pointed out in some of the feedback I received, I do not have the time to have articles peer-reviewed or the firsthand expertise to verify all assertions. The feedback from the forum will serve as an interim way to balance the content and provide some accountability.

I believe the feedback and issues of the “Readers Forum” will enhance and help better direct the focus of the magazine. It should complement the “PQ Discussion Forum” and bring heightened awareness to what's going on in the industry. The power of the printed word provides a direct presentation of the issues and a lasting resource. Hopefully, the combined forums of our Web site and magazine will provide all PQ readers with the opportunity to dialogue and interact in the areas of greatest interest.

At Power Quality, we're constantly looking for ways to improve and better communicate developments and happenings in the industry. On April 10, we launched the PQ News Beat, an electronic newsletter that is sent (3 times a month) to readers with subscribed e-mail addresses. The e-newsletter provides current industry and product news. It's another effort to provide more timely and comprehensive news beyond what our monthly magazine can deliver. If you did not receive the e-newsletter, please visit our Web site and click on the PQ News Beat link (under Site Features) to subscribe.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the “Readers Forum,” PQ News Beat, or other suggestions on how we can improve the magazine or Web site, please shoot me an e-mail.