DALLAS, TX, US - Tyco Electronics Power Systems, a leading worldwide supplier of telecommunications power equipment, today announced the world's first flooded battery stand with integrated spill containment, the new ELECTRO-TYTE Composite Battery Stand.

The ELECTRO-TYTE Battery Stand improves upon virtually every aspect of conventional metal battery stands with a proprietary design that optimizes flexibility, increases safety and substantially reduces installation costs. This patented design combines lightweight building blocks and proven composite technology with an integrated spill containment system.

Designed for central office environments, the ELECTRO-TYTE Stand has eliminated the need for costly and difficult-to-install traditional spill-control systems by tightly integrating containment into the design. This unique design prevents hazardous contact with electrolyte and makes it easy for a single person to handle the cleanup of acid spills and the replacement of spill pans. In addition, the ELECTRO-TYTE Stand strictly conforms to the intent of all domestic and international spill containment regulation.

"We are committed to offering the most innovative telecommunications power equipment as evidenced by our many industry first achievements. Power Systems was the first company to offer a composite battery stand, and today we are the first to offer integrated spill containment. These advancements provide our customers with great cost savings, simplified installation and quality products that last," said James Saunders, product marketing manager for Tyco Electronics Power Systems.

"Comparing material cost alone, our customers could save 10% or more over the cost of traditional battery stands and spill containment. If you include installation time, the total savings could be as much as 50% of what they're used to paying," Saunders said. "The stand also reduces the footprint of most configurations, saving valuable floor space for our customers."

The lightweight, thermoset composite stand is resistant to corrosion, chemicals and acid, and it is expected to last more than 70 years. It has been optimized for use with 1680 Ah and 4000 Ah flooded batteries.

The ELECTRO-TYTE Composite Battery Stand will be available in North America Summer 2002. List pricing starts at approximately $4,800 for a standard 48 V configuration for 1680 Ah flooded batteries in a non-seismic application.

For further information, visit http://www.power.tycoelectronics.com or call +1 800 526 7819.

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