The Saftronics FPC5010S marries the next generation GP10 drive technology with our patented "Smart Bypass" to deliver the world's most efficient HVAC bypass system. Saftronics' patented (pending) "Smart Bypass" technology monitors drive load and speed, automatically and smoothly transferring the motor from VFD control to the across-the-line at full speed. Removing the drive from the circuit improves the efficiency of the system by as much as 5% depending on losses within the drive itself. The "Smart Bypass" controller continues to monitor demand and when requirements are reduced, transfers the motor back to drive control.

In addition to improved efficiency, Smart Bypass also improves harmonic distortion at full load by removing the drive from the circuit at the time when the harmonic content is greatest. This reduces full load drive harmonics by as much as 20%. An adjustable hysteresis function is built into the control algorithm to prevent rapid cycling from drive to bypass.

This control system has numerous applications in hospital air handling systems, cooling towers, or any other application where operation at full speed is anticipated.

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