On February 5, the Energize America Educational Institute (EAEI) launched a public-awareness program titled Energize America (EA). One of the program's goals is to bring together energy users, utilities, energy service companies, manufacturers, financing sources, and environmental and governmental agencies in order to facilitate the implementation of energy-efficient projects.

In addition, EA serves as an electrical industry resource for commercial and residential audiences through its Web site at www.energizeamerica.org. The commercial section of the Web site helps energy users interested in energy-efficient upgrades locate providers that can offer audits and project proposals.

The Web site's residential section assists homeowners interested in saving money by reducing energy consumption and light pollution. The link provides information on products and manufacturers, as well as helpful news updates and other useful Web links.

Currently, EA is offering various levels of partnership opportunities. For more information about EAEI and EA, or if you're interested in becoming a partner, call 866-561-5129, send an e-mail to nchan@energizeamerica.org, or visit www.energizeamerica.org.