The 3rd edition of Newnes Instrumentation & Measurement Pocket Book, edited by W. Bolton, is unique among this type of engineering resource. The book describes the measurement and analysis techniques used in electrical engineering as well as other engineering disciplines.

On the power quality and electrical engineering side, the book delves deep into mathematical and statistical error, reliability, calibration, sensor types, measurement devices, and quantity transformation. Have you wondered about the definitive definition of true rms voltage or current? If so, you'll find the answer here. You'll also find in-depth coverage in such areas as flow, pressure, temperature, radiation, force, level, stress, and displacement.

All of these topics address the cross-disciplinary aspects that every well-rounded engineer needs to know about to succeed in the market.

Another unique feature of this book is the section on microprocessor-based measurement and interface. This section is quite helpful considering the explosion of digital equipment use in industrial environments. This may seem obvious in this day and age, but other books of this type rarely cover this topic.

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