Staco Energy Products Co. is pleased to introduce The UniStar Sx* Series, a new single-phase on-line UPS product that offers powerful protection with sophisticated diagnostics and advanced circuitry. Its double-conversion design completely isolates and conditions the power coming into the unit before it is distributed to the protected equipment.

Available in sizes from 700 VA to 3,000 VA, the Unistar Sx* offers remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities through an SNMP adaptor or its own power management software. For maximum installation versatility, it is offered in tower and rack-mount models.

"The addition of the UniStar Sx* gives our customers a comprehensive line of power quality protection," said Staco Energy Products Co. President Ed Kwiatkowski. "Broadcasters will love us. Staco Energy offers a complete line of UPS and Voltage Regulation products that meet and exceed the broadcast market's demand for highly reliable and cost effective power protection."

Advanced battery diagnostics provide the highest possible level of protection against overheating, deep discharge and low current damage. The UniStar Sx* comes with a standard hot-swappable internal battery pack that provides ample time for equipment shutdown during an outage. With optional external battery cabinets, your runtime can be extended indefinitely. With its flexible, powerful design, it is an ideal solution for protecting all types of critical industrial and electronic equipment, including workstations, networking and telecom equipment.

The UniStar Sx* provides zero transfer battery back-up based on proven double-conversion technology and digital signal processors. All models deliver constant output voltage regulation and have customizable input and output configurations.

An industry leading three-year warranty comes standard with every UniStar Sx* model. The line is competitively priced, and can be purchased through the global network of Staco Energy Products Co. distributors and sales representatives.

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