Transit Cases

The Road Warriors are airtight and watertight transit cases that provide protection in any environment. Custom foam inserts in various gauges protect fishing reels, fish finders, test equipment, laptop, camera and other sensitive contents. The cases also feature military specified recessed stainless-steel latches and three spring-loaded padded handles. A silicon O-ring design seals out water and dust and can be locked for security purposes. Divider systems and lid organizers can be customized to a customer's specifications. The transit cases come in 12 sizes with a telescopic handle and 2-in. wheels with a wide wheel base. The cases are molded in rugged ABS material and have a limited lifetime warranty.
Ameripack Inc., Cranbury, N.J.
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UPS Units

The SG 1-3kVA 2U Rackmount Series UPS units have a wide input frequency window for conditions where the frequency input is poor, such as applications running on generator power. Standard features include a high-efficiency true regenerative on-line design with input power factor correction, auto restart, a comprehensive front panel user interface, site wiring indicator and built-in surge protection. The 2kVA and 3kVA models include one hot-swappable battery pack. All SG Rackmount models come with a free version of UPSilon 2000 advanced shutdown and monitoring software.
Falcon Electric, Monrovia, Calif.
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Surge Suppression System

The Combotrab uses the Flashtrab Plus Ctrl lightning arrester, which is tested to the 10 × 350µS waveform (the standardized direct strike lightning test, IEC 61024). It handles the current associated with a direct or closeby lightning hit, while providing clamping voltages under 900V — independent of surge current. A tightly coordinated TVSS component addresses lightning events and switching type transients and provides Cats. C and B protection in one unit.
Phoenix Contact Inc., Harrisburg, Pa.
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Modular System

GenStart is a modular battery-free starting system that adds additional nines of availability to multiple standby generator set power systems. The system supplies 1,725A to the generator set starting motor, so you can be assured starting power is available when it's most critical — during the start-up of an engine. Optional battery paralleling capability allows redundant DC voltage sources.
Active Power, Austin, Texas
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Battery Tester

The SecurePower 6/12 battery conductance tester performs small battery screening for backup power systems that protect security and/or fire alarms, emergency lighting, and portable UPS applications. The tester measures a battery's voltage and conductance to help technicians identify batteries that need replacing.
Midtronics, Inc., Willowbrook, Ill.
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Ground Instrument

The CSA-approved Groundskeeper high-resistance grounding package allows users to keep a close watch on the current flowing through the neutral conductor of their low-voltage power systems. It contains resistor elements formed from stainless steel, an ammeter and voltmeter available for indoor and outdoor applications, and disconnect switch that enables the user to take the resistor out of service for maintenance.
Post Glover Resistors, Erlanger, Ky.
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