Voltage Recorder

The PowerWatch voltage disturbance recorder monitors and records essential voltage disturbance information from any 120V North American power receptacle. The recorder detects surges, sags, spikes, and frequency variations. Users can set up predetermined threshold values or use standard default values. PowerWatch also features graphical, statistical, and event-viewing software; complete Windows® compatibility; and more.
EATON/Cutler Hammer
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Circle 200

Surge Protection Devices

The 74000 and 75000 series of panel-mounted surge protection devices is designed for facilities with 3-phase, wye-configured systems, where surge protection is needed for all seven modes in the AC distribution network. The units record and download surge events with dates, times, and magnitudes, and they feature visual and audio alarms. The rating for the 74000 models is 200 kA; the 75000 models have a 310 kA rating.
Leviton Manufacturing Co.
Little Neck, N.Y.

Circle 201

Online UPS

The UniStar Sx® series of single-phase online uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) features a double-conversion design, remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, and a hot-swappable internal battery pack. The sizes range from 700VA to 3000VA. All models deliver constant output voltage regulation and have customizable input and output configurations.
Staco Energy Products Co.
Dayton, Ohio

Circle 202

Surge Protectors

The MA15 series of DIN-rail-mounted surge protection devices is designed to protect 120V or 240VAC lines as well as DC lines in industrial and process-control applications. The unit also incorporates a hybrid circuit and RFI filtering. The series is CE and UL approved, and it's also a UL 1449 recognized component surge protector.
Atlantic Scientific Corp.
Melbourne, Fla.

Circle 203

Remote Power Plant

The expandable Low Power Plant (LPP) provides up to 60A of +24VDC power or up to 30A of -48VDC power for wireless and access market applications. The LPP incorporates hot-pluggable modules for rectifiers, monitoring and control units, and distribution elements in a front-end design. A wide range of distribution options includes plug-in fuses, plug-in circuit breakers, and bulk distribution.
Transistor Devices (TDI)
Hackettstown, N.J.

Circle 204

Surge Suppression Series

The CRITEC® TDX series of surge protection devices comes in ratings of 100 kA and 150 kA 8/20μs. It features three safety technologies: Transient Discriminating® technology, thermal intimate MOVs, and overcurrent fusing, plus an audible alarm and Form C contacts for remote monitoring. The small units are ideal for installations between electrical panels, within stud walls, or in any tight location. NEMA 4 enclosures make the TDX series suitable for outdoor use.
Solon, Ohio

Circle 205

Battery Float Monitor

BTM FACTSTAR is a monitoring device for stationary battery installations. The device features current monitoring from 10mA to 600A, and it can detect thermal runaway, dry-up, and charger faults. The sensor can be installed in minutes without opening the DC link. FACTSTAR stores data for six months or up to 360 full-charge discharge profiles for six battery jars. Users can access the data either remotely or onsite.
Polytronics Engineering
Markham, Ontario, Canada

Circle 206

Surge Suppressor

The BRICKTRAB transient voltage surge suppressor is a modular, DIN-rail-mountable device for 3-phase applications. The device features more than 40,000A of surge-current capacity, low-voltage protection levels, and a circuit that protects against line-to-line and line-to-ground transients. It also features diagnostic monitoring with local and remote failure indication. The removable modules allow for testing without interruption to the power system.
Phoenix Contact
Harrisburg, Pa.

Circle 207

Power Distribution Unit

The rack-mountable power distribution unit (RPDU) is a high-power system designed to provide manageable and flexible power to multiple racks in a computer room. The unit is available in 10U and 17U heights. It includes an assortment of plug-and-play output receptacles that can deliver up to 28,800VA without any electrical work. The RPDU also has a monitor that can transmit all parameters to a Palm Pilot organizer, where they can then be downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet.
Millennium 2000 Technologies
Lake Forest, Calif.

Circle 208

Power Analyzer

The Model 1010 power analyzer is a true rms device that can measure voltage, frequency, crest factor, efficiency and inrush currents. It can also measure harmonics, perform power analyses, and determine power factor (PF) and PF corrections.
Brunelle Instruments
Newport, Vt.

Circle 209

UPS Products

The LanPro (pictured) and SitePro families of uninterruptible power supplies operate in a double-conversion mode. The LanPro is a single-phase UPS available in models ranging from 5kVA to 10kVA. The 3-phase SitePro models range from 10kVA to 300kVA. The modules can be used in parallel configurations, and they are fully compliant with international standards on voltage frequency independent (VFI) operation. The products are now being offered in North America.
GE Digital Energy
Atlanta, Ga.

Circle 210


The TDR family of series-wired noise filtration and surge suppression products is ideally suited for protecting sensitive electronics in MRO and OEM control-cabinet applications. The devices are available in 5A, 15A, 20A, and 120V models. A 20A, 230V, 3-wire international model is also available. The 120V models come with or without a set of dry contacts for remote signaling capability, and the dry contacts are standard with the 230V model.
Hubbell/Wiring Device-Kellems
Milford, Conn.

Circle 211

Load Bank

The Millennium 250 load bank is a high-capacity, portable, self-contained unit that is ideal for routine load testing of standby diesel generating systems or factory production line-testing of UPSs, turbines, or engine gen sets. It provides restrictive loading at a full 250kW at 480V and 240V, 3-phase, at 60 Hz. The load bank also features 5kW load-step resolution, digital metering, safety circuitry, and more.
Avtron Manufacturing
Cleveland, Ohio

Circle 212

PQ Measurement Device

The Analyst 3Q is a 3-phase, graphical power quality monitoring instrument that measures volts (115VAC to 830VAC), amperes (1AAC to 1500AAC), frequency (45 Hz to 65 Hz), harmonics (to the 40th), flicker, unbalance, voltage quality, and more. The handheld 1500A device also features a single rotary function switch, data storage for 1.5 MB, and an RS-232 interface.
LEM Instruments
Torrance, Calif.

Circle 213

Power Supply

The Quick-Set Power Cassette comes in chassis-mount and hop-swap versions. The 1U, 600W power supply provides up to six outputs, including a 5VDC, 1A independent standby output. Available output voltages are from 1.8VDC to 12VDC. Other features include power factor correction, single-wire current sharing, overvoltage protection, remote sensing, no-load operation, and more.
Coral Springs, Fla.

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