Vista UDS introduced a host of innovations that simplify operations, enhance operator safety, and minimize outage duration. Now these benefits can be realized in an even wider range of applications: S&C is pleased to announce a new 25-kA fault interrupting rating for Vista UDS.

All Vista styles — including pad-mounted, vault, and UnderCover™ styles — are available with the 25-kA rating, as are remote-supervisory and source-transfer models. 25-kA Vista UDS is also certified as arc-resistant per IEC 298 Appendix AA for fault currents up to 25 kA symmetrical for 15 cycles, adding another layer of safety for operating personnel.

The benefits of the new 25-kA fault-interrupting rating can be expanded to S&C's System VI™ Switchgear, which features a modular arrangement of Vista UDS. Using air-insulated bushings on one or both sides of the tank, multiple units of Vista gear can be joined together or to metal-enclosed switchgear modules such as air-insulated metering bays . . . providing a compact and economical alternative to conventional switchgear.

S&C Vista Underground Distribution Switchgear - Overview

S&C Vista Underground Distribution Switchgear is the answer to your difficult-to-solve switching and protection problems through 38 kV. Vista UDS features 600-ampere load-interrupter switches and resettable fault interrupters — all elbow-connected and enclosed in a hermetically sealed, SF6-insulated tank.

Vista's innovative features simplify operations, enhance safety, and minimize outage duration. Routine operating tasks can be performed quickly by a single person without the need for cable handling or exposure to medium voltage.

Both manual and power-operated models are available for pad-mounted, vault, and subsurface applications. A wide variety of circuit configurations and options can be furnished too.

  • Integral visible break and ground position on load switches and fault interrupters eliminates the need to move, park, and ground cables.

  • Optional voltage indication and low-voltage phasing feature located in operating compartment further reduces exposure to medium-voltage cables.

  • Innovative UnderCover™ Style puts the gear underground, out of sight — yet allows all routine operations to be performed from ground level . . . outside the pit and away from energized cables.

  • S&C's proprietary gas-sealing designs offer a new level of gas-tight performance.

  • Flexible, programmable overcurrent control allows optimal coordination with upstream and downstream devices.

  • Certified arc resistant per IEC 298 Appendix AA for fault currents up to 12.5 kA symmetrical for 15 cycles . . . adds another level of safety for operating personnel.

  • Significant improvements in power reliability can be achieved using three-pole fault interrupters to sectionalize 600-ampere loops and feeders.