AVO International, one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of portable test and measurement equipment, is moving to enhance its already-strong market position by focussing on a single brand name.

The change in the organization's name from AVO International to Megger follows detailed market research, which revealed that the Megger name was more widely recognized than AVO in all of the company's geographic and product markets.

To provide a clear international identity in all markets, therefore, it was decided that, from June 2002, the company will progressively change the names of its subsidiaries to Megger, and that all of its products will carry the Megger brand. Ultimately, the benefits for all customers, whether in new or existing markets, will include an enhanced product development program, and faster response to changing market needs.

Among the products manufactured by the company are insulation testers, fibre-optic test equipment, multimeters, battery testers, circuit breaker and relay test sets, equipment for high-voltage testing, low-resistance ohmmeters, telecommunication test equipment, power quality analyzers and oil test sets. The new Megger brand will build on the strengths of the former AVO, Biddle, Multi-Amp, Ducter, Foster and Metrosonics brands, which will no longer be used.

Megger's engineering, production and customer support programs are unaffected by this change, and customers and suppliers can count on speaking to their usual contacts. In addition, States Control Products and the AVO Institute, both of which are based in Dallas, Texas, will retain their present names.

Megger is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of electrical and telecommunication test equipment. With development and manufacturing facilities in the UK and the USA, combined with sales and technical support in almost every country of the world, Megger is uniquely well placed to meet the needs of its customers worldwide.