Carrollton, Texas - March 1, 2002 – MINUTEMAN UPS began shipping a new line of single-phase uninterruptible power supplies specifically designed to isolate and protect enterprise-wide computer networks and other mission-critical equipment from electrical disturbances and power disruptions.

Called the MINUTEMAN MCP-E™ Series, the new UPS models provide continuous, true sinewave power using digital double-conversion technology that completely isolates connected equipment from utility power anomalies, harmonics and line noise, as well as blackouts, brownouts, spikes and surges. The MCP-E Series includes both tower and rack-mountable units ranging in power from 700 VA to 7000 VA. All units offer unlimited runtimes by adding additional battery packs.

"Enterprise-wide computer networks, telecom equipment, security systems - virtually every type of equipment used in business today - incorporate electronic components that are sensitive to the quality of electrical power they receive," said Rod L. Pullen, President of MINUTEMAN UPS. "Companies know they need dependable UPS systems that are as sophisticated, powerful, and reliable as the equipment connected to them. The MINUTEMAN UPS R&D team developed the MCP-E line in response to these requirements."

All of the MCP-E units completely isolate the load (protected equipment) from the AC power source by converting AC power to DC power and back again. This process provides a stream of the cleanest continuous power possible.

MINUTEMAN's MCP-E series offers zero-transfer battery back-up based on proven double-conversion technology coupled with the latest digital signal processors. Each model delivers constant-output voltage regulation and independent battery bypass, as well as offering customizable input and output configurations.

All MCP-E models have easy-to-read front-mounted instrument panels, and most have large, bright orange multifunctional digital displays. The larger models - the MCP-E 5000 and MCP-E 7000 - also have a built-in maintenance bypass. In addition, all units are network IP- and SNMP- capable and are optimized for use with MINUTEMAN's new Web-based SentryII™ power management and diagnostic software. Every model in the MCP-E Series includes a free, industry-leading three-year parts and labor warranty, as well as a $40,000 insurance policy covering connected equipment.

"More than 54 percent of companies surveyed by Contingency Planning Research this year said downtime cost them over $50,000 per hour," said MINUTEMAN UPS Vice President Rick Hunteman. "Since more than 31% of equipment downtime is caused by power problems, it's clear that companies must protect their sensitive and mission-critical equipment with UPS devices that can deliver true sinewave power continuously, right through brownouts, blackouts and other electrical glitches. Frankly, one of the most cost-effective ways a company can preserve its productivity and profitability in these uncertain times is to protect every piece of mission-critical equipment with a high-efficiency, low-cost online UPS. The MCP-E Series precisely fulfills that mission."

Full specifications and data sheets for the new MCP-E models are available on the MINUTEMAN Web site at The company also offers a free Web-based UPS sizing tool at for companies who would like to determine which MCP-E units (or other MINUTEMAN UPS models) can best meet their power protection needs.