Willowbrook, IL. – Midtronics today announced the release of the SecurePower 6/12 Battery Conductance Tester. The SecurePower 6/12 makes it fast and easy to perform small-battery screening for backup power systems protecting security/fire alarms, emergency lighting, and portable UPS applications.

“Midtronics is known for providing innovative solutions to battery management challenges,” said Todd Stukenberg, standby power products marketing manager. “The SecurePower 6/12 provides the first value-priced, professional grade tool to address battery management in a rapidly expanding application segment" said Stukenberg.

The SecurePower 6/12 uses Midtronics’ patented and industry proven Conductance Technology, and offers service companies, facility and IT professionals the ability to manage critical system reliability and maintenance. The SecurePower 6/12 measures the battery’s voltage and conductance to help technicians identify batteries that should be replaced before the next power outage. The product is available through Midtronics’ worldwide distribution network and European Headquarters in the Netherlands.