Montbonnot (France) - July 16, 2002, MGE UPS SYSTEMS, now offers UPS Web-Pac to meet growing needs for information-system security and simple administration of UPSs connected to a network.

After innovating in 1996 with the launching of the first distributed-architecture solution based on the TCP/IP and SNMP protocols, MGE once again revolutionizes the power management market with a complete secure Web-based architecture.

Using XML data representation and the HTTP protocol, UPS Web-Pac has been designed to:
- supervise one or more UPSs via the Web using a standard browser,
- receive alarms via the browser,
- launch automatic action, e.g. orderly shutdown of connected equipment in heterogeneous environments comprising up to 250 servers.

UPS Web-Pac is made up of two modules that can be duplicated to adapt to each configuration:
- a connection module between the UPS and the network, that can be either a software agent (XML-@gent), or an embedded agent (XML-Web Card),
- a module for server shutdown and monitoring (XML Client).

Supervision can take place using any Internet browser.

Maximum security with SSL
UPS Web-Pac is the world's first power management package with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security.
Use of the SSL protocol, which provides authentification and ensures the confidentiality and integrity of the data exchanged, means UPS Web-Pac users can count on a high level of security.

Supported operating systems
Windows XP/NT/2000, Sun Solaris Workstation, Linux Redhat.
"Because the connection modules use Java technology, it is possible to adapt XML Client to all operating systems, including a JVM (Java Virtual Machine), making it the most open solution on the market", says Jean-Marc Emonet, Product Manager Enterprise Networks at MGE.

- UPS Web-Pac can be downloaded free of charge from
- XML Web-Card is available as an accessory for all UPSs in the MGE UPS SYSTEMS network-protection range
UPS Web-Pac fills out the MGE UPS SYSTEMS range of power management software that also includes Personal Solution-Pac and Solution-Pac WAN