The Lineman's and Cableman's Handbook is an excellent place for the engineer lacking hands-on utility experience to find insight into the utility side of the power systems world. The book encompasses every aspect of utility construction, including overhead and underground line, substation, and power plant construction. It also discusses cable and pole hardware, including cable assemblies, line devices, and field-mounted equipment. In addition, pictures and detailed drawings illustrate field-proven work techniques that combat power quality problems.

PQ problems are often attributed to the customer's equipment or building wiring. But sometimes these disturbances are the result of poor utility construction techniques. For example, underground cable elbows that arc due to improper field assembly and poor pole-line connections can cause problems on the power system.

Originally intended for the utility lineman, line foreman, utility line design engineer, and the utility cost estimator, this book is equally valuable for the power quality engineer, facilities manager, and technician—especially consultants and engineers with little utility experience. For those who want to fully understand the power delivery system, this book takes an extra step by detailing both sides of the revenue meter.