Raleigh, NC (June 4, 2002) – Invensys Powerware, has announced the debut of the Intergy ILS 12000 DC power plant, a 10,000 amp system that can provide charging capacity up to 11,520 amps while maintaining the smallest footprint of any comparable system in the industry. The new DC powering system will be featured in Booth #22546 at Supercomm in Atlanta, Georgia on June 4-6, 2002. The ILS 12000’s unique design eliminates the need for a shunt on the integrated bus, enabling the system to be changed quickly and easily to add capacity and redundancy, and to allow the power to be expanded in any direction.

“The advantages of the ILS 12000 begin with the cable management and the integrated bus system,” said Jim Latimer, DC product manager for Invensys Powerware. “Through innovative design, we can deliver both power density and system flexibility, without compromising reliability. Additional rectifiers and PDUs (power distribution units) can be added at any time without shutting down the system for seamless increase in capacity or for system reconfiguration.”

The ILS 12000 also meets Level 3 NEBS (Network Equipment Building System) standards, required by major regional bell operating centers (RBOCs), incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs), competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) and Internet service providers (ISPs). Specifically, the ILS 12000 is certified for NEBS Level 3 telecommunications equipment “used for critical applications such as switching, transport, and power systems where loss of operation could not be tolerated during environmental extreme conditions.”

“In addition to meeting the NEBS Level 3 standard, the ILS 12000’s power capacity and scalability make it ideal for the regulated telecommunications industry,” said Darrick Finan, director of product marketing, Enterprise Systems Group. “This fast-growing market segment has been looking for a product like the ILS 12000 that can expand to accommodate its growth.”

The ILS 12000 features a master controller in the main rectifier cabinet to monitor system status at anytime. The entire system can be also be monitored through PowerManagerII, a software option that provides effective remote management for Intergy DC power systems. The intuitive, Windows® - based graphical user interface enables the user to quickly ‘zoom in’ and view concise summary information, or specific control functions, key operational data, or alarm details. It also enables remote management, which can reduce operating and maintenance costs. The latest power system information is available where and when it is needed, greatly reducing the need for site visits. Alarms are highlighted and detailed, to help analyze faults and produce maintenance histories and schedules.

For more information on the complete line of Invensys products, visit the company’s Web site at www.energy.invensys.com/intergy_usa/ or www.powerware.com