LAS VEGAS, N.V. (May 8, 2002) - Invensys Powerware (Booth #1025) announced today a series of enhanced features to its flagship line of uninterruptible power systems (UPS) - Powerware® 9125. Available for the first time, the true, double conversion online topology provides the clean and reliable power to sensitive IT and telecom equipment, thereby improving productivity and lowering power costs. It is ideally suited to protect computer servers, internetworking systems, telecommunications/PBX, ATMs and other mission-critical applications requiring rigorous protection of priceless data and equipment from utility power disturbances.

The Powerware 9125 family is now available in power ratings of 700 VA to 3000 VA, and continues to provide premiere protection, longer backup time, remote manageability, installation flexibility and superior service.

"Companies with substantial investments in their IT infrastructures demand the highest level of protection for their data and equipment," said Jeff Ames, director of product management, Invensys Powerware. "The Powerware 9125 provides absolute protection from all nine of the most common power problems facing businesses, including power failures, power sags, power surges, brownouts, line noise, high voltage spikes, frequency variations, switching transients, and harmonic distortion."

The Powerware 9125 comes bundled with the Powerware Software Suite CD that includes Powerware's award-winning power management software, documentation, and demonstrations of other Powerware Software. Its innovative features include:

  • Double Conversion Online topology - isolates utility input from UPS output, thereby providing maximum reliability and availability to mission-critical applications
  • Advanced Battery Management Plus (ABM Plus™) -- doubles battery service life, optimizes recharge time without overcharging the batteries, and provides up to a 60-day advanced notification of pending battery failure.
  • Load Segments -- groups of receptacles that can be independently controlled via LanSafe for standalone or network workstations. By grouping the receptacles into segments, critical devices can be powered down on a pre-set schedule based on device priority. In the event of a power problem, users may be alerted via e-mail, paging or broadcast alert so the appropriate action can be taken while the unit prepares for orderly shutdown of connected equipment.
  • Optional Extended Battery Modules (EBMs)--increases battery backup time. Both the standard internal battery and EBMs can be hot-swapped without having to power down the protected devices, ensuring optimum availability for critical loads.
  • Unique Two-in-one Form Factor Design--provides users the versatility of mounting the UPS in a rack enclosure while only occupying 2U of rack space, or using it as a tower to save valuable floor space. End users can change the UPS configuration to adapt to a growing network or changes in hardware, while distributors and resellers benefit by ordering or stocking a single SKU for multiple applications.

The Powerware 9125 2.5 and 3kVA systems are available May 2002 at a list price starting at $2269. For more information on the Powerware Series 9 family of products, or the complete line of Powerware products and services, visit our web site at

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