Superior clamping and first-rate noise attenuation are two of the hallmark attributes of Intermatic Inc’s F20 Series surge protection devices. The F20 Series consists of two hard wired, inline surge suppression devices — the IG1201F20 (120 volts) and the IG24001F20 (240 volts). Both units feature all mode protection, thermally protected MOVs for maximum safety, EMI/RFI filtration, a NEMA 4 enclosure and a five-year product warranty.

“The F20 Series is high-grade series protection at its finest; it’s both economical and easy to install,” said Intermatic Marketing Manager Mike Boyd. “The F20 Series provides facilities with the best surge protection available in the marketplace.”

F20 Series surge protection devices also feature an LED indicator light, Intermatic’s unique thermal monitoring system and form C contacts. The F20 Series is for loads up to 20 amps, including fire alarm circuits, industrial controls, PLC’s and any other sensitive electronic equipment.

“The advantage of a series type suppressor is that the power travels through the device, it is not in parallel,” said Boyd. “A series choke impedes high frequency events and the filtration is maximized.”

Both units in the F20 Series are available with a DIN rail adaptor plate, which allows easy installation in industrial control cabinets. For a free CD-ROM surge suppressor selection guide program that will determine your facility’s exposure to transient voltage and recommend the correct product, email Mike Boyd at

For additional information on the full range of Intermatic Surge Suppression products or to request a 2002 Intermatic Surge Suppression Product Catalog, contact: Intermatic Surge Protection Devices, Intermatic Plaza, Spring Grove, IL 60081-9698, visit the Intermatic Web site at or call 1-800-391-4555.