Hunt Technologies Inc.has introduced the TS2, an exciting new Automatic Meter Reading System that brings the power of endpoint specific data to the entire utility organization. In addition to just bringing information in from the service area, TS2 also allows for simultaneous communications with each individual endpoint throughout the service area, providing unparalleled bi-directional control.

TS2 is the heart of Hunt Technologies’ EPIC – End Point Information & Control – solution taking their patented Ultra Narrow Bandwidth technology to the next level providing simultaneous, bi-directional data flow. Each TS2 transceiver has its own unique frequency allowing every endpoint to transmit and receive continuously. TS2 is smart enough to know what each endpoint is doing, where it is switched and how it is configured accommodating dynamic distribution systems with ease.

“The flexibility built into the TS2 system means simple ‘plug and play’ operation for our customers”, states Tom Anderson, COO at Hunt. “Because of our open architecture design, TS2 can interface with any number of data collection devices and software platforms unleashing the powerful information behind each endpoint throughout the entire utility organization. This means enhanced control for our customers and a difference they can see in their bottom line results.”

Differences such as enhanced customer service through accurate billing and usage information, reduced system outages with improved system planning based on endpoint specific load analysis, improved maintenance capabilities providing quick identification of outages and swift response to restore service. TS2 provides access to a wealth of information to make more informed decisions leading to increased efficiencies throughout the utility.

To take a closer look at TS2 and the EPIC solution, visit Hunt Technologies on line at or call toll free 800-926-6254. You’ll see that smarter endpoints are just the beginning.

About Hunt Technologies, Inc.

Hunt Technologies is a Minnesota-based electronic design firm. The company’s flagship product is the Turtle Automatic Meter Reading System that remotely reads electric and water meters using its proven, patented Ultra Narrow Bandwidth technology. Hunt is an AMR market leader with more than 2 million Turtle transmitters installed or under contract at 400 projects worldwide.

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