Harger Lightning & Grounding proudly introduces its new Ground Rod Driver. The Ground Rod Driver provides a safe, simple, effective and affordable way to install ground rods. The Ground Rod Driver drives a ground rod to ground level without the need of a stepladder or the use of a heavy sledgehammer. It also drives the rod without deforming the end of the rod.

The Ground Rod Driver includes the driver body with soft, rubber grips, an insert for driving rods to ground level and a retaining strap to hold the insert in place during storage. Heavy-duty steel construction provides maximum driving forces, while the soft rubber ergonomic grip provides user comfort. The 5/8” and 3/4” inserts are interchangeable with the standard driver body and prevent the Ground Rod Driver from slipping off the rod near ground level. The tool is completely self-contained and easy to store.

The Ground Rod Driver can be used on all types of ground rods, including copper-clad steel, galvanized and stainless steel. For more information on the Ground Rod Driver, contact Harger’s Sales Department.

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