From the beginning of the power quality era, designers of disturbance analyzer equipment have understood that sine wave distortions are essentially unique characteristics — or signatures — of specific power system events.

The Handbook of Power Signatures, Second Edition, one of two PQ handbooks offered by Dranetz-BMI, provides graphical representations and textual descriptions of sine waves and sine wave distortions. It also includes nearly every possible power signature.

Dranetz-BMI originally produced this book as a graphical encyclopedia of sine wave phenomenon. The intent was to help readers understand the causes, effects, and solutions associated with power quality problems. With the release of the second edition, it's apparent that the Handbook of Power Signatures still offers the largest collection of power signatures found in any printed reference.

The comprehensive handbook is essential for power quality engineers, utility engineers, and anyone who interprets disturbance analyzer data, regardless of the brand of monitor used. A few examples of the types of waveform signatures presented in the book include breaker trips, load transfers, UPS transfers, motor inrushes, computer power supplies, ASD operations, power system faults, furnace flicker, and loose wiring.

The book also presents monitored sag, transient, harmonic, and impulse waves and instructs readers on how to perform PQ monitoring. All of the graphics come from years of monitoring using Dranetz-BMI's 4800, 8010, and 8800 monitors.

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