PITTSBURGH, PA…Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation announced today its new line of Cutler-Hammer Power Factor Correction products, including harmonic filter products. By incorporating these products, customers are able to correct power factor, thereby reducing power factor penalties; increase load capacity; and regulate voltage. These products can be used in conjunction with low and medium voltage Cutler-Hammer brand electrical distribution equipment; or can be retrofitted into any existing power equipment.

Power factor correction products are available for voltage ranges from 240V AC – 115 kV and kVAR ratings 1-15,000. Power factor correction capacitor banks are available in both fixed and switched styles. Standard fixed capacitor banks are designed for applications that do not contain harmonic generating loads. Switched capacitor banks are designed with built-in intelligence to allow them to adapt to an application’s changing load conditions.

“With these new products, it’s very easy to calculate the return on investment (ROI),” said Reid Vance, product manager for Eaton’s power factor correction and harmonics mitigation product line. “If the customer is paying power factor penalties to the utility, we have the solution. In most cases, the payback is less than two years – many times, it’s less than six months!”