Dranetz-BMI has recently revised and updated one of its classic textbooks, The Dranetz-BMI Field Handbook for Power Quality Analysis. The original handbook was written in the early 1980s by the staff of the Dranetz Co. When Dranetz and BMI merged, the combined management team decided to update the contents of each library. Watch for reviews of other volumes in subsequent columns.

This field handbook was one of the earliest power quality texts and is still a valuable reference. It covers the basics of power quality and discusses related problems dealing with wiring, grounding, sags, swells, and harmonics. It also delves into the origins of power quality problems and presents solutions. In fact, it has one of the most extensive power quality case-study sections of any book in print, plus a useful waveform signature guide.

Both the seasoned power engineer and the novice technician can benefit from this book. It is a fundamental addition to any technical library. It will certainly make life easier for field engineers, but utility engineers, facility engineers and managers, commercial/industrial design and process engineers, and electrical engineering professors and teachers should all consider this book.

To obtain a copy, contact the Dranetz-BMI Co. or visit www.dranetz-bmi.com.