Over the next few years, participants in the electrical power industry will continue to witness the emergence of distributed generation (DG). DG can improve power quality at a given site by isolating the load from problems originating at neighboring customers or the utility itself.

In June 2001, CRC Press published Distributed Generation — The Power Paradigm for the New Millennium. This book, edited by Anne-Marie Borbely and Jan F. Kreider, provides valuable and clearly written information on DG technologies, including combustion engine generators, combustion turbines, combined heat and power, fuel cells, microturbines, and photovoltaics. Each section includes comprehensive discussions on efficiencies, applications, installation, interconnection, control, operations, maintenance, fuels, and regulations.

DG's time has come, but the upfront economics, costs, and technical difficulties associated with utility interconnections have caused numerous delays in the market's emergence. The text addresses these issues in depth. Other topics covered include the following:

  • The history of DG
  • The status of the overall electrical power system
  • Utility deregulation (and related DG market opportunities)
  • Fuel storage and distribution
  • Safety concerns
  • Pollution issues
  • Permitting
  • Site considerations
  • Fuel issues (e.g., economics, thermodynamics, and more).

Additional sections provide in-depth discussions on electrical distribution at the utility and site level.

The book is appropriate for power quality and design engineers, energy consultants, and economists. It's also particularly beneficial for individuals and firms wishing to sell or service DG assets and related markets.

To order a copy of this book, visit www.crcpress.com.