Atlanta, GA - Henwood, today released the latest Power Market Forecast Reports for the Northeast and Southeast regions of North America. The reports point to pockets of generation shortages in the Northeast countered with a dramatic generation overbuild environment facing the Southeast in the next couple of years. "ISO New York needs an additional 7,100 MW of capacity by 2005, of which 3,000 MW is needed immediately, including 1,000 MW in Long Island alone to avert serious reliability risks this summer," explained Fereidoon P. Sioshansi, Global Manager for Henwood. "Additionally, in the Southeast there will be some 34,000 MW of new generation coming on line by 2003, and this wave of new, efficient, gas-fired plants will result in an overbuild of capacity with serious implications for the region."
The densely populated metropolitan corridor stretching from Boston to New York, Baltimore and Washington DC, is typically tight on supplies, while generation to the north and the west remains viable. A few areas, notably New York City, Long Island and Connecticut, are chronically short of capacity, especially during hot summer months. During periodic heat waves, such as the one in April 2002, the region's transmission grid gets pushed to the limit - if not beyond. In the Southeast, despite a wave of recent plant cancellations and deferments, Henwood's new study concludes that over 20,000 MW of new capacity is still under construction, significantly depressing prices in the near term.
Henwood's Power Market Forecast Reports detail both the immediate and long-term challenges and opportunities within the Northeast and Southeast markets including a 25 year simulation of the markets. Using Henwood's EnerPriseTM Software (powered by PROSYM), these studies provide the industry's most detailed, current and unbiased market insights available. Henwood clients receive up-to-date insight about changing supply and demand conditions in each market, the status of generation investments, and future forecasts of prices as well as regular updates on important developments affecting each region, leveraged by the most comprehensive and extensive consulting experience in the industry as well as its market-leading EnerPriseTM software and information products. Interested subscribers can call Mark Foster at Henwood's U.S. corporate office: (916) 569-0985, or email
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