Chicago (July 10, 2002)

ComEd recently added two new substations that will improve electric reliability in the City of Chicago, in time for the hot and humid weather. The new facilities serve the Central part of the city, as well as the near South Side.

"These two substations are an additional step forward in our commitment to improve the reliability of our system," said Greg Dudkin, ComEd's executive vice president of operations. "The new facilities increase our capacity to deliver energy during hot summer conditions."

According to Dudkin, the additional capacity will serve to support electric load at surrounding substations, and provide for future growth in energy consumption in the Chicago Loop area. The projects are part of ComEd's optimization plan to improve the overall reliability of the electric system in the city.

The substation located on south State Street adds about 150 megawatts of transformer capacity in the area. The DeKoven substation delivers approximately 400 megawatts of electricity to support the Jefferson substation, the primary source of electrical supply for five other substations in the greater Loop area. The redundancies to the system provided by the DeKoven substation will minimize or contain potential outages, helping to prevent large-scale outages like those experienced in 1999.