Apogee Interactive Inc., developer of the largest Internet load aggregation system for voluntary demand response in the U.S., has enhanced its Demand Exchange® platform to offer real-time data to energy providers and their customers through the 6D iNET® network.

The Demand Exchange currently enables utilities, energy service providers and their customers to quickly adjust peak loads based on upcoming supply conditions. Working together with the 6D iNET energy services network, Exchange users can view their individual site's energy performance - or the aggregated performance of multiple sites - in real time. Based on current data instead of day-old projections, participants in demand response programs can commit to more accurate curtailment bids, verify real-time fulfillment of those bids, and capture maximum cost savings.

"The value of real-time year-round energy consumption information and control is greatly multiplied when it can be directly linked to energy markets to generate cash flow back to customers," said Joel Gilbert, chief executive officer of Apogee Interactive. "This marriage of capabilities leverages both."

The Demand Exchange application, integrated with the 6D iNET network, is now ready for deployment. The Demand Exchange facilitates the Internet communications interface and overall management, verification and settlement of all demand response transactions. Sixth Dimension services include hardware installation, management of network deployment, and 24/7 network monitoring.

"By adding real-time capabilities to Apogee's energy management solution, we are dramatically enhancing the portfolio of energy services that can be offered to Exchange users," said Sunil Cherian, co-founder and chief technology officer of Sixth Dimension. "With a more powerful service-delivery infrastructure, energy providers can easily expand the scale and scope of their services at any time."

About Apogee Interactive Inc. (www.apogee.net)

Apogee Interactive is a full-service technology solutions and consulting firm specializing in the energy industry. In addition to The Demand Exchange and other energy management data analysis tools, the company owns and operates the utility industry's leading portal for Web-based energy related training and website content.

About Sixth Dimension (www.6d.com)

Sixth Dimension is the world leader in managed network services and communications/control technology for the energy industry. Driving rapid commercialization of its 6D iNET network, the company is powered by the leading investors in the energy industry, including EnerTech Capital, Shell, and E.ON.