Alpha Technologies announces a new 2200 VA Zone 4 approved Novus XT outdoor power system. The new outdoor power system is a Telcordia Seismic Zone 4 tested AC Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) designed to backup outside plant communication applications. The Novus XT system has been designed specifically for powering cellular, microcell and picocell stations, and is an obvious choice for earthquake-prone or coastal regions.

The new Zone 4 approved Novus XT 2200 has several features that help ensure reliable, uninterrupted power during even the most severe natural disaster conditions, including earthquakes. The features that make this system unique include; Telcordia approved door restraint, rack-mounted power module and distribution panel, battery retention system, and steel mounting brackets. These design enhancements have enabled the system to be Telcordia seismic Zone 4 tested and approved. As an additional benefit the system has passed the Telcordia salt fog test.

The Novus XT 2200 provides up to 2200VA of power, has complete front panel access and is modular in design. A unique intelligent buck and boost feature allows the Novus XT 2200 UPS to operate from the AC utility line and supply stable output, even when amplitudes fluctuate. The new system provides the clean, reliable, uninterrupted power needed by today’s communication systems. Simple and flexible installation allows the option of pole, wall or pedestal mounting of the unit.

Each Novus XT power system is comprised of four primary components: a durable, NEMA 3R weather-resistant, outdoor enclosure; 1250VA, 2000VA or 2200VA UPS module; power distribution unit; and long-life AlphaCell batteries.

In addition to providing critical AC backup power during utility power outages, the Novus XT also provides critical protection from surges and spikes, during all modes of operation. This new power system provides up to 16 hours of backup power, and is fully compatible with external DC generator systems should additional backup be required.

The UPS module as well as the input and output surge suppression modules, are hot-swappable eliminating interruption of the system during servicing. Hot-swappable batteries are also used to ensure quick and easy battery replacement.

Temperature-compensated battery charging, battery heating mats and cooling fans prolong the life of the battery – these features are critical in demanding, outdoor environments. AlphaCell extended-life batteries are used to ensure optimum reliability. These batteries are specifically designed for harsh outdoor environments and carry a full, three-year warranty.

Alpha Technologies provides a complete line of reliable power protection products for the telecommunications and cable television industries, including custom, application-specific power solutions.