The New Jersey Senate has given final legislative approval to Senator Anthony Bucco’s legislation to require an emblem be placed in the front of all structures, except for one- or two-family residential buildings, served by rooftop or adjacent solar energy systems.

“As a member of the state Fire Safety Commission, I’ve heard the stories and paid close attention to unfortunate incidents involving firefighters’ more complicated battles with burning buildings that have solar energy systems,” said Bucco (R-Morris). “This common-sense legislation will protect the safety of firefighters and make them better prepared to do their dangerous jobs. Bottom line, it’s a simple act of preparation by people that can save lives.”

Senator Bucco’s S507 also requires that a local enforcing agency, within 10 days after issuing a permit approving the installation or alteration of a solar energy system for residential or nonresidential property, file a copy of the permit with the local fire official.  The bill further requires the owner of any residential or nonresidential structure who has a roof mounted solar photovoltaic system installed either prior to or after the bill’s effective date to so notify the local fire official in writing.