As reported by the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), this year’s NECA Show in Boston welcomed more than 6,800 electrical construction industry members to the Northeast. NECA 2016 kicked into gear for most of this group at the Friday night opening reception, which was held at the Boston Museum of Science on October 7th. Guests were entertained by a number of different live bands, enticed by interactive museum displays, and tempted by food and beverage stations wherever they turned.

On Saturday morning, attendees hit the ground running at the various technical sessions before heading in to the opening general session. There they were treated to some rare insight into the U.S. presidency by Doris Kearns Goodwin, an author of several books about American presidents. One of the key points she mentioned with regard to the present day presidency was the obvious discourse between the presidency and Congress. Her thoughts about how to get Millennials more involved in the political process was also quite interesting. She told the audience that the concept of national service would help them feel a part of something bigger and offer them a way to contribute to America.

Once this session closed it was time for attendees to hit the exhibit floor and review all of the products and services being offered from the more than 300 exhibitors taking part in this year’s show. In addition to the well-established manufacturers and service companies on hand, attendees were exposed to a large number of new players in the market. Visiting with booth personnel and listening in on technical sessions and other speaker sessions kept attendees busy through early afternoon on Monday, October 10th. For those that stuck around for the final night of entertainment, they were treated to a lovely concert by the Boston Pops Swing Orchestra at Symphony Hall.