Q. What is the minimum number of 20A branch circuits required for a guest suite of a hotel or motel, which consists of the following:

  • An area where provisions for cooking are provided, consisting of a counter-mounted cook top, a built-in microwave, a refrigerator, and a sink
  • A dining/living area
  • A separate bedroom
  • A separate bathroom
A) 20A branch circuits are not required in hotel and motel guest suites or guest rooms.
B) One 20A branch circuit is required for the bathroom receptacle(s).
C) Two 20A branch circuits for the kitchen counter-top area.
D) Three 20A branch circuits – two small appliance branch circuits for the kitchen counter-top area and one for the bathroom receptacle(s).

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Answer: D

Explanation: A new section was added to the 2005 NEC (210.18), which states that guest rooms and guest suites equipped with permanent provisions for cooking shall have branch circuits and outlets installed to meet the rules for dwelling units. Section 210.60(A) requires that receptacle outlets shall be installed in accordance with all of the applicable rules in 210.52 (same as a dwelling unit) when the guest rooms and guest sites are provided with permanent provisions for cooking. This is consistent with new rule 210.18.

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