The person going into a confined space may be the most critical component of the safety puzzle. If you’re the person going in, here are some guidelines to keep you safe.

Don’t accept a confined entry permit that doesn’t have a supervisor’s signature.

Don’t accept any permit item that you don’t understand and can’t verify.

Not all hazards inside a confined space are related to the fact it’s a confined space. The confined space permit restrictions, cautions, and conditions are in addition to normal electrical safety procedures.

Conditions change. What was true when the permit was signed might not be true now. If in doubt, have the permit updated and re-issued.

Every item on a permit is an attempt to anticipate a danger that is reasonably expected to exist. There are no “key points” to consider while ignoring the rest. Everything matters.

Test extraction gear, radios, lights, gas meters, and PPE before entering. Test communications periodically after entering.

A confined entry permit can’t possibly address every hazard inside the confined space. While in the confined space, always be alert to conditions the permit didn’t anticipate.