NEMA’s indexes for high intensity discharge (HID) lamp shipments declined for the second consecutive quarter in Q3 2012. Sodium vapor lamp shipments decreased 14.8% year-over-year during the quarter, following a loss of 6.8% during the previous three month period. Shipments of metal halide lamps fell 6.9% and 4.9%, respectively, in Q3 and Q2. Mercury vapor lamps contracted significantly, retreating by 23% to reach a new low for the index. Combined HID lamp shipments through Q3 2012 declined nearly 5% versus last year.

Sodium and mercury vapor lamps gave up ground to metal halide lamps for the quarter. Metal halide lamps gained 2.3% points year-over-year ( to reach a share of 63.8%. Sodium vapor lamps decreased to 32.4%, down 1.7 points. Meanwhile, the share of mercury vapor lamps fell slightly to just shy of 4%.